The well-being of patients is our main concern.

This is why we only use a high-quality titanium alloy for our implants that has been confirmed by several studies to be medically compatible. This titanium alloy is a very light, yet also very strong material. This way, you can benefit from our implants for many years.

Dr. Ihde Dental AG has been manufacturing implants for many years and gained a wealth of experience during this time. From this experience we draw insights to continously improve and develop our products. New research findings lead to innovations and implants that allow treatment even for patients with complex and / or severe medical histories.

Our entire company is regularly inspected and certified by several specialied bodies. This enables us to ensure that we fulfil all national and international requirements for us as a manufacturer of medical products and offer patients only the highest quality.

What are Corticobasal® implants?

With a radiant smile, you show your counterpart self-confidence, joy and well-being. However, if one or more teeth are missing, many people only smile cautiously as they are ashamed of their gaps.

Fortunately, thanks to innovative technologies, modern dentistry is constantly offering new ways to improve patients' quality of life. One such way are our Corticobasal® implants, which have a considerable advantage over conventional methods: They don't require any healing time as they are mechanically fixed in the bone from the outset (osseofixation). This means that fewer procedures are required and you can complete the entire treatment much faster, saving you both time and money. After treatment with Corticobasal® implants, you can eat what you want again immediately, as you get your fixed teeth straight away.