Dr. Ihde Dental AG has been a reliable partner for over 60 years providing a wide range of implant systems and consumables. We supply dentists and dental technicians with precisely coordinated materials and systems, which are easy and reliable to use. We always ensure high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio so that you can guarantee all-roand treatment for your patients that is cost-effective and highly efficient. The following catalog gives you an overview and all the essential information about our implant systems. We provide training courses, refresher courses and user advice. We also visit you in your practice upon request.


The company

The company was foanded in 1954 in Berlin by the dental technician Klaus Ihde. The company relocated to Bavaria in the 1960s. At the end of the 1980s, Dr. Ihde Dental GmbH (Germany) and Dr. Ihde Dental AG (Switzerland) were formed from the Klaus Ihde retail company. Ihde Dental is now represented in four locations in Europe and over 45 countries. The company group is one of the most innovative implant companies in the world ‒ based on new developments and patents issued or pending.

The core activities

The core activities of Ihde Dental are the development, procurement and distribution of medical products. We use a large number of suppliers in consumables, but we have produced implants in our own factory for many years. All components are manufactured quickly, precisely and economically thanks to state-of-the-art production technology and well-equipped machinery.

Our partners

Users and customers provide us with many new ideas and excellent suggestions. Collaboration with our customers is extremely important to us. Contact us at any time if you have any improvements or questions. Your ideas and opinions help us all to meet the daily wishes of patients to a greater and better extent. We also put the needs of the patient first.

Our market performance and work ethic

Since it was founded, the company has focused on innovative ideas and advanced technology, premium quality, an excellent priceperformance ratio, optimal patient and user friendly products and durability. Our range combines the latest findings from research and practices in many countries around the world.