Your Expert Partner for Corticobasal® Implants as Well as Single-Piece and Two-Part Implant Systems

We have been setting pioneering standards in dental implantology. For customers who want to fully develop their potential. Worldwide.

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With the International Implant Foundation IF® we have a strong partner for educational training

For many years, the International Implant Foundation IF® has specialized in methods that enable patients to keep their fixed teeth immediately and without waiting. Educational training events on various specialist topics are held regularly in numerous countries.

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We offer you different documents regarding our products, for example instructions, system applications and safety data sheets.

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The many benefits of treatment with our Corticobasal® implants are demonstrated in numerous research articles and studies. They are published, among other things, in the specialist journal Cranio-maxillofacial Implant Directions of the International Implant Foundation IF® which is published several times a year.

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